Tuesday, January 16, 2007


You know what ! I committed this crime once again , another weekend ( long one as they say ...when we have three days of retire) and me in my favorite apartment with my laptop .. 250 GB load of movies ..so Sunday became a nice movie day for me! Watched 5 movies back to back! ( without a single grain of pop-corn) ..the one about which I want to talk about is “ Ask the Dust” , a Colin Farrell and Salma Hayek starrer . This was the movie I was waiting for a long time , because its about a writer who looks at people , their life and try writing things from his experiences. Arturo Bandini , the hero of the movie , is a writer by profession who is trying to put himself at a good place in American Literature. He moves to LA with the aspiration of look at the life of its ( LA ) population , the hotels , restaurants , parks , pubs , malls , streets , ghettos everything. Now , as the money left in his stash is fast effacing , he faces a real tough situation to maintain his livelihood in LA , to pay his rent , get a square meal. But he doesn't give up and he continues to do what he was doing ...sometime wrapping tobacco with toilet paper for his joint , biting the sour oranges he manages to get from the Chinese cheap fruit seller ...continues his battle till the day when is left with a nickel ...wants to grab some coffee before being bankrupt ..which lead to meet this Camelia Lopez ( Salma plays that character ) gal , a sweet Mexican girl who is the waitress in a bar and incodently she serves him some real bad coffee ...worst of its kind to spend one's last nickels on ...gets into a fight with her and falls deeply in 'Love' ( well ....I don't claim that I know the meaning of this little word ..so you can read it as the “symbolic cynical chemistry in a man's mind for a woman” )...

Now there is another important character in this movie Vera Rivkin , a Jews girl who is a fan of Bandini's column , somehow comes to meet her favorite author Bandini , who can solve her problem ...all she wanted Bandini to say that “She is beautiful” ....finally she becomes a pivotal inspiration for Bandini to start on his new novel , which eventually fetches good amount of money and fame for Bandini. Now how the Camelia and Bandini's love towards each other grows and matures and finally how the movie end should be untold here to make sure that you watch it. But I would say , with my limited knowledge about woman ...Camelia , though portrayed as a rough-tough beautiful Mexican gurl ..represents those of its kind where they breath on their submission towards a meaningful relationship and expectation from the same. Bandini , well what you can think of a nice normal human , scared to get settled , confused about saying “yes” to Camelia ,whom he loves more than anything in this world, when she asked him to marry her , quite typical of a man character , his arrogance is marked by his uncomfortable way of treating a woman ..which I really found something unusual in Hollywood heroes.


Siddharth Khadke said...

Hmm appreciate that you stopped short of giving the plot away :-)
Yet to see the movie.
Aaah.. Salma.. man.. She is my dream girl. Will comment once I watch the movie.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!