Saturday, September 09, 2006

Inscrutable Virginity

Just came back from a Saturday dinner party, during the dinner ( which was great ! ) the topic just popped into my psychic vista , well I never thought about the literary validity of this oxymoron ( that’s my claim if anyone think this is not please comment ) “inscrutable virginity “ , rather it was another two lettered member those keep coming in my mind. But when I told this to Nitesh , he told that its an interesting thing to be talked piece of idea to be talked about in detail. So as now I have few free hours before I retire for bed and have a pack of cigarettes which I can finish on this ( smoke for thought ) I decided to take this oxymoron as the title of the post I am going to do after one long year of abstinence from writing blogs.

Enough for introduction .... let me divulge the main course ; this is about the past one year of my life ; part of my life where things happened in a very fast pace , never been before , lot of people came into my life ( some of them left …some of them with some conspicuous abruptness ..) , I have been to situation which was brand new to me , learnt a whole lot of things , committed a bunch of activities never thought of …well I think all these sound pretty normal as this is how the walk of life is supposed to be , but then again why I am getting the feeling that this one year is much more important than being another trivial window of time. Just that a considerable amount of my though process has been shoestring effect on my living, it does not mean that I have not taken those ideas to some logical end points. Being an uncommitted thinker, my utopia ranges from being the PM of India to dating Priyanka Chopra ( sigh …) , recently I was involved in a self assigned project of analyzing every sparks of ideas coming in my mind explicitly and found out that most of them dont have logical coherence in between , finally I took a decision after some sleepless nights that no more infringing limits of possibilities as that kills you hundred time ( minimum ;-) ) before getting erased from your mental hemisphere.

Now , three major influential factors of my life my laptop , my new flat in BesantNagar , Chennai and My ThinkPad R51 is the coolest possible thing happened to me , in terms of entertainment apart from its major use for my research purpose , it has served beyond the sum of money I am going to pay till December ( that will be end of a great financial agony ). Now the flat in beachside district of Chennai , BesantNagar ( A place in Chennai where sun rises in the west ;-) ) which we took as a measure to get a place for high noise parties and improved privacy for our bachelorhood ( in here in Chennai , the direction goes ….dogs and bachelors are not allowed ..) have taught all lessons of life in the hard ways. Sometime the drainage system is screwed up or sometime you wake up in the morning and go to toilet and after pooping when your press the lever of the flush, no water comes out to flush out the dirt ( god damn shit ! ) and with sheer dismay you discover that the water pump is fubared … the biggest problem is English is still not the national language in India , you have to talk to plumbers and construction managers , speaking lingua franka Tamil ….that means you better be trained in acting in some pantomimes …. Well finally as we lodged several complains to our landlord who is a NRM ( non resident Madrasi …Madrasi is the alias for the mad rash Chennai-ites ) he took some frivolous approach to pacify our rage…after a lot of patchwork and turmoil it’s a better place to stay. The number three, ….its a great thing for me not because reader’s expected premonition of it being the good place for hunting down feminine “shikaar”s ( hindi term for Quarry ) but being the only feasible medium of keeping contact with my friends staying in other cities across the globe …as I am not very efficient in using online mediums like IM and Telephony as the ways of keeping contacts alive , for that matter the concept of leaving scraps really been working out for me.

I am going to take a break , as I am going for pee after writing for last 2 hours and left with the third last sutta ( cigarette in collegiate lingo ) and after coming back I am going to talk about the most important aspect of this melodrama , my experiences with alcoholic intoxication … so better stay tuned. (In popular soap ad break style …)

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Sudipta Banerjee said...

u are a damn looser. You are bloody commenting on your own blog!